Viktoriya von TIE BOW-TIE im Interview

Ihr wisst ja, wie gerne ich mir Fashion-Inspiration auf Lookbook hole. Eine Fashion Bloggerin ist mir dabei besonders aufgefallen, da ich ihre Outfits (inkl. Shootingkulisse) immer und zwar wirklich immer total super finde. Viktoriya Sener!

Vikoriya Sener Tie Bow-Tie

Was mir an ihr besonders gefällt, ist die Tatsache, dass sie auch die femininsten und schickesten Outfits mit Sneakers kombiniert. Hoffentlich freut ihr euch genauso wie ich darüber, dass sie sich für 10 Fragen die Zeit genommen hat.

Auch diesmal wird das Interview von mir 1 zu 1 veröffentlicht. Deshalb auch auf englisch.


What gave you the idea to the name of your Blog?

Before bow-tie and all kind of ties  are used to be one of my favorite accessory, so I simply mixed these two in the name of blog. Still I’m into tomboyish looks, especially during the cold season.

How did blogging change your live?

Well, I’ve mastered new skills about photography, web-design, styling, modeling, etc. Except the opportunities to work with favorite brands and meeting fabulous people, I was able to find amazing job. All these things maybe couldn’t happened without starting my blog 3 years ago.

How many hours a day do you spend with blogging?

If this day will not include the photoshoot, let say around 4-5 hours. With shooting outfit post or other editorial content let add extra 2-3 hours. Think like workday in the office.

You have Master Degree in Financial Management. Where did you get your sense of fashion?

I’m so sure each girl/woman has it, it’s like a muscle: if you do your workouts, you will be the one. In certain period of my life when I started my blog, I’ve got tons of free time, so I’ve checked many info and styled plenty of looks. Still I develop my sense of style, never stop from learning.

Do you have any childhood memories which has to do with Fashion? (Maybe a favorite Dress…)

Yes, I have one! When I was around 5 years old I’ve spotted chinning rhinestone little clutch which belongs to my mother. I’ve got my eye on it and kept begging for this treasure each day. What the end of story? I’ve got my goodie…20 year later)

Tie Bow-Tie Viktoriya Sener

Which Social Media Plattforms do you consider the most important?

For fashion blogger is definitely Instagram and Facebook, nowadays people don’t always have time for browse blogs

Many People hide behind the anonymity of the world wide web and have no shy to offend others. Have you any experiences with “Haters”? What’s your reaction?

I think these things happen not about shyness; just someone tries to feel more important bringing down other’s people self-confidence. But for bloggers it’s second side of the coin: it will be always there, doesn’t matter how cool and famous you are. My reaction? None, and I mean it. Just don’t react, delete the disturbing comment and pass by. Do not start a conversation, explanation of point of your view is meaningless.

What handy tips would you give to bloggers for their start-up?

Before starting blog, sit and sit what you like and how can you express yourself in unique way. If this expression will be in interesting and high quality way, you will only win. Right now it’s too much bloggers out there, even people who just has an Instagram account, call them “bloggers”. But content is the king still, kept that in mind.

We all have some favorite labels and designer. Is there any special cooperation you want to achieve?

Before my biggest desire was to work with ASOS, so it’s happened and I was so much happy about it. Right now I don’t have specific brand in my mind, feature will show.

There are so many blogs – do you follow any of the blogs?

I’m following my blogs, love Hallie Daily, Thassia Naves and may many others.


Ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle noch einmal ganz herzlich bei Viktoriya bedanken, dass sie sich die Zeit für dieses Interview genommen hat.

©Viktoriya Sener

Kennt jemand von euch Tie Bow-Tie oder das Lookbook Profil von Viktoriya?



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