Daniela Ramirez im INTERVIEW

Nany’s Klozet werden die Meisten von euch kennen, vor allem jene, die sich auch auf Lookbook herumtreiben und Inspiration holen. Nany ist der Spitzname von Daniela Ramirez, die ihren Blog seit 2010 führt. Ihre Styles und Fotos sind immer großartig und für jede Modeliebhaberin eine Inspiration. Nany’s Klozet hat bereits mehr als 250.000 Follower.

Daniela Ramirez

Welche Tipps Daniela Ramirez für Neublogger hat und welche Blogs sie selbst ganz gerne mag, erfahrt ihr hier im Interview:

Die Interviews mit englischsprachigen Bloggern werden auch hier auf englisch veröffentlicht.

How many hours a day do you spend with blogging?

It’s really hard to calculate how many hours exactly. Adding the whole process: from answering emails to taking pictures and writing a blog, creating social posts, etc etc…I would say 5-6 hours.

How did blogging change your live?

It changed my life completely. I started blogging as a way to have an “online” portfolio and to eventually be hired by a magazine. I never thought it would open career doors, give me the opportunity to meet amazing people, collaborate with my favorite brands,etc

Which was the most beautiful experience related to your Blog?

The whole process has been amazing and it’s really hard to pick one. I love meeting followers or when they emailed me saying I’ve inspired them to pursue their dreams.

You are blogging since 2009. How would you describe the development of your blog and the blog scene?

The blog scene has change a lot….in good and bad ways. Luckily, brands slowly realized the influence we have as bloggers and that made blogging into a career. Unfortunately, the same point brought people that did not love blogging but are only doing it for money or “fame“

How do you start your day? Have you any special morning ritual, which brings you the energy you need? Do you do some sports or do you have a healthy breakfast?

Being 100% honest, I’m not a morning person…never have! I wake up a little late (but because I go to sleep late at night working). I don’t drink coffee, I might have tea. If I really need an energy boost, I do Yoga and then shower! I’m trying to eat healthier…but Lucky Charms always end up being my breakfast choice.

nany's klozet

Which Social Media Plattforms do you consider the most important?

Social media is evolving…I love Instagram but I think the game is changing!

Many People hide behind the anonymity of the world wide web and have no shy to offend others. Have you any experiences with “Haters”? What’s your reaction?

Yea, it’s very easy to hide behind a computer and “criticize”. You just have to think that you are the one putting yourself out there and that people will always have an opinion…good or bad! As long as you are proud of what you have done, it doesn’t matter!

When did you notice that blogging could be a full time job for you and you can earn money with your own pictures and writing?

I never was ONE moment, it slowly happened….more and more opportunities started to come and I couldn’t be more grateful.

We all have some favorite labels and designer. Is there any special cooperation you want to achieve?

I think every blogger’s dream is to work with Chanel…but at the moment I’m very happy because I’m designing a handbag with Rebecca Minkoff which is one of my favorite designers!

There are so many blogs – do you follow any of the blogs?

Of course! My favorites are: @XanderVintage, @FakeLeather @Dulceida and @AshesIntoFashion


Das erste Interview aus dieser Reihe gab es bereits letzte Woche mit Carmen Helmreich. Es werden noch viele interessante Interviews folgen. Schon nächste Woche wird es eines mit Verena-Annabella Raffl von Who is Mocca.

Welche Fragen würden euch auf den Lippen brennen? Über welches Interview würdet ihr euch besonders freuen?



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